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The cradle of American independence and home to the much-loved Philadelphia Eagles, the city is at once steeped in history yet moving fast into the future. The downtown of Philly is replete with restaurants, cafes, and shops and Center City is all glass and granite, whilst the suburbs are a mix of historic row houses, colonial-era mansions, and affluence. Repiping your old plumbing system or fitting out your new commercial space and all your other plumbing needs are all possible with our local Philadelphia plumbers.

We have plumbers based across the whole of Philly and out in Bucks and Montgomery County, waiting to offer you emergency plumbing or fit your new water heater.


How Does Finding a Philadelphia Plumber Works?

Finding a plumber in Philadelphia  is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Select your location from the location tab at the top of the page

Step 2

Click on the “Contact Us” button and fill out your details plus your plumbing problem

Step 3

We’ll be in touch to confirm pricing and to arrange a call out to get a full, free quote

Step 4

A local plumbing service provider will be at your door on time and ready to fix your plumbing issue


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

From simple tasks like fixing leaky faucets to a full bathroom remodel or fixing water damage, we have the plumbing contractors you need to get your home or business back to normal ASAP.

Drain cleaning:

Leaves in the winter can clog your outdoor drains and an old garbage disposal can block your kitchen sink. Our complete drain cleaning service will clear out everything including your sewer line.

Hot water systems:

A hot water system that doesn’t get hot enough, loses pressure, or lasts less time than usual, needs a full service and repairs. We offer water heater repairs and installation of new units where needed.

HVAC services:

As well as plumbing services in the Philadelphia area, we have air conditioning and heating systems engineers on hand to clean, service, and repair your units.

Sump pump installation:

Keep your basement or crawlspace dry and protect the foundations of your Ambler or Newtown period homes with a properly functioning sump pump. We offer the full service – from installation to regular maintenance, and repairs.

Heating system services:

The cold Philly winters need your heating system to be in perfect working order. Have one of our plumbing & heating contractors come and check that your gas line and appliances are ready for the cold blasts from the north.

House remodeling:

Time to remodel your Elkins Park or Norristown home? Homeowners need to bring in trusted and reliable plumbing contractors who offer the full service – heating systems and hot water installation, relocating pipework, and HVAC services.


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

Business and homeowners will need different plumbers. Here at our plumbing company, we have the full range of plumbing services available through the tradespeople we work with.

Master plumbers:

Every plumber that comes out to you will be correctly licensed for Philadelphia and the surrounding areas with a master plumber registration, ensuring great workmanship with each job.

Residential plumbers:

Whether you live out in Newtown or close to the city in Abington, we have plumbing services that will fix up your plumbing problem like a faulty garbage disposal or hot water heater.

Commercial plumbers:

Your commercial premises in Blue Bell, Norristown, or downtown Philly need to get back to full operations quickly. We’ll get an experienced commercial plumber to you who will keep disruption to a minimum.

Plumbing emergencies:

Burst pipes, bust thermostats, or a blocked curb trap – these can’t be ignored so have one of our emergency service plumbers come out to your property and fix your place up fast.

Plumbing & heating experts:

As master plumbers, all of the plumbing contractors we work with have years of experience with a range of brands and different systems, from your Victorian era row house in North Philly to 1970s developments in Society Hill.

Philadelphia plumbing contractors:

Choosing a plumber near you means they’re familiar with the systems and know where to go in the Philadelphia area to get the right parts without dashing across the city.


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

Need to use our plumbers for an emergency service? Want to organize an upgrade to a tankless hot water system? No matter the plumbing service you need, our prices won’t break the bank, and we’ll tell you the pricing upfront so there are no shocks when the invoice lands.

Fair price:

Working with plumbers all over the southeast of Pennsylvania so we know what a fair price for the work you need looks like. We ensure that the plumber who comes to you charges the right price for the work carried out.

Quality workmanship:

Qualified, certified, and skilled plumbing contractors are the only type we work with. You’ll get high-quality workmanship and a warranty for the work carried out to give you peace of mind.

Local service provider:

We connect you with plumbers all over Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, Doylestown to downtown, North Wales to South Philly.


Licensed Plumbers You Can Rely On

Water heater installations, fitting new faucets, getting a clog out of your sewer line – every service you can think of from a plumber is available from the range of plumbers we have at Plumber Coop.

Next day service:

It may not be a plumbing emergency, but if it’s urgent to you or your business, we will get a plumber out to you the very next day after you get in touch with us.

Fully licensed:

Each person on our team is a journeyman or master plumber and fully equipped and qualified to carry out whatever plumbing repair you need.

Pennsylvania plumbers:

Across Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks County, we have local plumbers who can get the job done and offer the customer service that you expect.


Find a Reliable Plumber in
Philadelphia, PA

Philly has been an iconic place for centuries, from the founding father to Rocky and the Fresh Prince – the city lives in the conscience of Americans and the world. The reality of life is traditional row houses in the city, a shiny and thriving downtown, and suburban townships. Our plumbing services reach out through Bucks and Montgomery County, up to Yardley and west to Newtown Square and everything in between.

More Locations in
Philadelphia, PA

Bucks County:

To the north and east of Philadelphia, the townships and communities in and around Bucks County are packed with history. It’s not all quaint homes in Doylestown, Levittown, and Trevose – there’s a thriving biotech industry growing in the area. Our team works with plumbing in period properties and new commercial units with equal skill.

Montgomery County:

With a highly educated and affluent population, the homes and businesses around Montgomery County are well-kept and successful. The old industries may have left Ambler, but the old military presence in Horsham still thrives. The parks of Hatboro and mansions from the gilded age in Elkins Park are covered by our full service plumbing & heating options, like the rest of the county.

Philadelphia County:

The almost-perfect grid layout of one of the USA’s oldest cities is filled with Federal-style homes in Old City and Society Hill, Victorian row homes up in North Philly, and twin rows over in West Philadelphia. Hot summers need functioned air conditioning whilst the deep winters require a good hot water system and heaters.

Delaware County:

Delco, as it’s affectionately known, lies to the south of Philadelphia, densely populated and tucked between Montgomery County and the border with New Jersey. The old homes and strong communities built around townships and boroughs have great local Philadelphia plumbing services that we’ll connect you with.

More Cities in the United States

San Mateo, CA:

Silicon Valley starts here and ends down in San Jose, with a whole lot of expensive real estate and technology companies along the way. The south end of San Francisco Bay has some of the best-educated residents in the city, as well as great street art and restaurants.

Orlando, FL:

Lakefront communities and executive homes with sprawling lawns are the side of Orlando that domestic and international tourists rarely see. The area around Orlando has great communities and lots of cultural activities, too.

San Diego, CA:

Last stop before Mexico on the west coast of the USA, San Diego is all about nature and the ocean. Surfers and hikers both are catered for in this city that’s got more than its fair share of young families and retirees boosting the local economy.

Phoenix, AZ:

A city shining and spreading out across the Arizona desert, Phoenix is the gateway to the Grand Canyon. There are thriving arts communities in Scottsdale and more golf than you can shake a stick at in Glendale.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. I've gotten an unusually high gas bill, what can I do?

It’s possible that you have a faulty gas appliance or a leak in your gas line. We can send you a plumber to check over your whole gas system with our leak detection service and fix any problems they encounter.

Q4. I have a broken thermostat, what do I do?

A busted thermostat means you won’t have control over your heating and cooling systems; not ideal at the height of summer or depths of winter. We can get a plumbing & heating specialist out to you and repair or replace your unit quickly.

Q2. What's the best hot water heater for my home?

There are lots of different hot water systems to choose from. With our full service plumbing, we will help you choose the right setup, complete the water heater installation, and carry out regular services. You can choose from tank systems powered by electricity or gas, a tankless hot water solution, a solar-powered hot water heater, or a geothermal heat pump.

Q5. How can I prevent water damage to my home?

It’s important that you keep all of your waterworks up to date. You need to consider regular repiping to ensure wear and tear doesn’t cause burst pipes inside. Having a sump pump installed will prevent water damage to your foundations by drawing water away from the area. Lastly, get regular drain cleaning outside and ensure the cleaning goes all the way to the curb trap. This will prevent any underground water problems from building up over time.

Q3. How quickly can I get a plumbing repair done?

We offer an emergency plumbing service and can be with you within an hour in most cases. If it’s urgent but not an emergency, we can usually get an expert plumber out to your home or business by the next day.

Q6. Is the work of your plumbers guaranteed?

Yes, all of our master plumbers have their work covered under warranty, in the unlikely event you’re not happy get in touch and we’ll help sort it out.