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Wrapped up by the Mississippi River, St Louis is an old town that still has hints of its French past. The Midwestern city is a hub of business activity, with biotech, pharmaceuticals, and engineering industries booming, whilst the suburbs and surrounding Wildwood and St Charles County fill up with people. Period row houses, suburban homes, and commercial premises are well-served by our plumbing services.

Whatever plumbing needs you have in the busy Missouri town, from drain cleaning to air conditioning maintenance and commercial plumbing, our team of plumbing contractors have the skills to restore your water and heat.


How Does Finding a St Louis Plumber Work?

Finding a plumber in St Louis is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Click on the location tab and click on your local area

Step 2

Fill out our “Contact Us” form, telling a little about you and your plumbing problem.

Step 3

We’ll be in touch shortly to book a time to send out St Louis plumbers to give you a quote for the work

Step 4

Once you’re happy with the quote, your plumber will set to work


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

Residential plumbing has different challenges than commercial, but we can handle it all. Our licensed master plumbers can tackle any situation that arises carefully and competently.

Water line repair

Get your smelly drains unclogged and your kitchen sink flowing again. We carry out hydro jetting and pipe repairs across St Louis city and county.

Hot water systems

Whichever hot water system you have – electric, gas, tankless, or heat pump, we have the skilled and trained local plumbers to repair and maintain it.

New plumbing system

Renovating your property? Starting a new build over in Wildwood? We can help you select and install your water heater and act as your plumbing contractor.

Basement maintenance

Keep your basement or crawl space dry and protect your home by keeping your sump pump well-maintained and fully serviced with us.

Kitchen plumbing

A leaky faucet or faulty garbage disposal can be easily fixed up by an expert plumber – we’ll get it seen straight away.

Toilet repair

There’s nothing worse than a blocked toilet. We’ll get it unclogged and have your bathroom smelling its delightful self in no time.


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

All of our plumbers are licensed by the Missouri Department of Public works, including being Master Plumbers. There isn’t a residential or commercial plumbing issue you could give us to stop us in our tracks.

Emergency plumbers

Our emergency service plumbing can help no matter your plumbing issue. Burst pipes, blocked drains, a flooded out basement? We’ll get the job done.

Residential plumbing

Call in the plumbing experts to maintain your water heater, clear out your sewer line, or repair your garbage disposal. Your home will be back to normal ASAP.

Air conditioning servicing

Along with our plumbing service, we offer air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance including annual cleaning and service.

Commercial plumbing

As plumbing contractors, we can provide all the plumbing services your commercial property needs – unblocking clogged drains, pipe repair, restoring water pressure – with minimal business disruption.

Plumbing system maintenance

Our master plumbers have expert skills and are trained on a range of brands. From water heater repair to septic tank pumping, we’ve got you.

St Louis plumber

Choosing a local plumber means you get great service with great pricing. Without long travel times and by knowing where to go for parts, you get great value.


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

Around Saint Louis, you have plenty of plumbers, so why choose us? We offer honest pricing through St Louis plumbers and all work is covered under warranty. We’re the right choice across St. Louis county and city.

Local plumbing company

We know the area and how the plumbing systems work in the old Maplewood period properties and the country houses in St. Charles.

Full plumbing services

Clearing out your clogged drains with hydro jetting, fixing a dripping faucet, or doing the plumbing as you remodel your home – we can do it all and more.

All under warranty

In the unlikely event you’re not completely happy with our plumbing experts, all work carried out is under warranty, giving you peace of mind.


Licensed Plumbers You Can Rely On

Registered with the Department of Public works, our plumbers are trained and qualified to complete the full range of services you’d expect. We’ll be there on time, every time.

Preventing water damage

Backflow from a septic tank, clogged drains, a faulty sump pump – all can cause lasting water damage to your property, but we can keep things well-maintained for you.

All across greater St. Louis

You can call us out any time. We’re on hand for business and homeowners all across the St. Louis area.

Professional plumbing company

Your plumbing repair work will be done by skilled plumbers from across the area, fixing your water heater, kitchen sink, or burst pipes.


Find a Reliable Plumber in
St Louis, MO

Our team is based all around the county and city of St. Louis, meaning that wherever your home or business is, we’re there when needed. From residential suburbs with tree-lined streets to commercial areas like the St. Charles riverfront and Chesterfield’s malls, our plumbing services are there.

More Locations in
St Louis, MO

Inner ring suburbs

The family homes in the quaint and quiet suburbs just inside St.Louis county. The row houses in Maplewood, sprawling homes in Creve Coeur and Webster Groves, and well-connected Kirkwood are all covered by our plumbers.

St Charles County

Wineries and vineyards run up against the Mississippi River and restaurants dot the riverside business district. Both our residential and commercial plumbers are in demand and ready for your call out in the county.


Getting out into the Midwestern countryside, this county is all about parks, nature, and hiking. Large houses on tree-lined streets need to keep up a regular maintenance schedule to avoid needing plumbing emergency services.

Lake St. Louis

A little ways out of St. Louis city, the communities around Lake St. Louis are well planned with a strong feeling of community. A strong mix of commerce, industry, and residential properties keep us busy out past O’Fallon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do you offer handyman services?

Yes, along with our plumbing and gas services, we can help fix up other jobs around the house. Be sure to note any extra work in your contact form and we’ll be sure that your plumbing experts bring along any other tools they need.

Q4. Do I need a sump pump for my house?

There is a lot of groundwater around the St. Louis area and this means water can seep into your basement or crawl space. A sump pump will get rid of underground water to prevent this from happening.

Q2. How expensive is water heater repair work?

Having varying water temperatures, hot water that doesn’t last, or a loss of water pressure are all telltale signs you need to work on your hot water system. The price will depend on the problem you have and how long it’ll take to repair. We’ll come out and assess the problem and give you a free quote before we carry out the work.

Q5. I want to remodel my bathroom, what plumbing services do you offer?

We can help you with moving pipes and your water tank, install a new hot water heater if needed, install new faucets, and ensure you have the right water pressure. Let us know your plans and we’ll give you a quote for all the work you need.

Q3. What type of hot water heaters are available?

There are four main types of hot water systems in your home. You can have a hot water tank that is either heated by gas or electricity. Another option is a tankless hot water system which provides hot water on demand rather than it being stored, and you can also get a geothermal system that uses a heat pump to transfer warmth into your hot water from underground.

Q6. What drain cleaning services do you offer?

When your outdoor drains are blocked, we recommend hydro jetting. It forces a strong stream of water down your drains to unclog them quickly, so it’s great for an emergency situation. We also offer this as a regular maintenance service, really handy when you have lots of leaves dropping in the fall.