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Surf’s up in this affluent coastal city at the very southwestern tip of California and the US as a whole. With skyscrapers at the waterfront and communities dotted throughout the canyons and valleys across San Diego and the surrounding areas, it’s a nature lover’s paradise. Our professional plumbers will fix up your needs so you can focus on living the San Diego lifestyle.

Our plumbing company has the full range of services you’d expect from a San Diego plumber, from simple jobs like fixing a leaking faucet to fitting out the plumbing in your new Santee home. 


How Does Finding a San Diego Plumber Work?

Finding a plumber in San Diego is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Just click on the location tab at the top of the page and scroll and click on your area

Step 2

Complete the “Contact Us” form with your personal information, plus details of your plumbing issue

Step 3

We’ll get back in touch with you to book a call out to give you a free quote on your work

Step 4

An expert plumber will be at your door, as arranged, ready to work


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

Older developments out in Escondido or new homes in Spring Valley have different plumbing needs. Whatever work your home or business requires, we have the master plumber you need to get your waterworks in proper working order.

Drain cleaning

Clogged drains can be a nightmare, with bad smells and damp patches against your property. We’ll come and remove the clog by hydro jetting – simple and effective.

Sewer line inspection

Mouldy walls, multiple slow drains, and water backup can all mean a faulty sewer line. Call us out to do a video inspection and complete the right pipe repairs.

Garbage disposal servicing

A faulty garbage disposal will have a bad smell and cause clogged drains in your kitchen. Keep your unit serviced, maintained, and repaired with our technicians.

Slab leak repair

Warped flooring or moldy carpets could be a sign of leaking pipes under your home’s concrete slab. We offer leak detection and simple spot repairs all the way through to complete repiping services.

Plumbing system installation

For new homeowners building around La Jolla or La Mesa, you’ll need your plumbing system installed, from your hot water heater to your kitchen sink.

Air conditioning servicing

When the heat and humidity crank up a notch over summer, you need your air conditioning to be ready to roll. We’ll complete your annual service and get the pipes and filters cleaned and ready to cool.


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner will dictate the type of plumber you need. We understand the different plumbing problems a commercial building will face and the range of systems we may encounter.

Residential plumbing

Big jobs like slab leak repair and hot water installation or minor issues like a dripping faucet or HVAC services – we cover them all to get your home perfect again.

Commercial plumbing

Your commercial unit in Chula Vista or El Cajon needs professional plumbers who won’t disrupt your operations and know how to deal with large appliances. Let our master plumbers get your business working again.

Licensed plumbers

All of our plumbers – up to Carlsbad and Oceanside, down to Chula Vista, and out to El Cajon and Bostonia – are registered with and licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Emergency plumbing

Burst pipes and clogged drains can be damaging to your home at worst, an inconvenience if nothing else. Our plumbing emergency services will get to you fast to fix the problem.

Plumbing contractors

Bring us in on your new build in National City or contract with us to service your chain of commercial buildings – we’ve got the San Diego plumbers you need to get the job done.

Plumbing system advice

Upgrading your waterworks or starting on a whole new house? We can help you decide between a gas or electric, tanked or tankless water heater and get it professionally installed.


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

With just one phone call, or by clicking on the “Contact Us” button, you’ll have competent and professional plumbers at your door. You’ll always get a free quote before your plumber starts working so you know the pricing upfront.

Guaranteed work

We’re confident in the skills and expertise of all our plumbers in the San Diego area. If something unfortunate happens and the work isn’t up to standard, our plumbers and technicians are covered by warranty.

Local plumbers

In San Diego, plumbing has its own challenges with hillside homes around Rancho Penasquitos or Spring Valley being susceptible to slab leaks, for example. Using a San Diego plumbing contractor means we have local knowledge.

Full service plumbers

We offer everything you’d expect from a plumber, such as residential and commercial plumbing and emergency services, as well as HVAC maintenance.


Licensed Plumbers You Can Rely On

The years of experience we have in the plumbing and home maintenance industry reflects in the quality of work that you’ll receive. For our emergency services, we’re just one phone call away.

Advanced plumbing

The tap water in the San Diego area is fine to drink, but adding extra filtration can make it healthier. Add a tankless hot water system to have hot water on demand.

Reliable plumbing

Our plumbers will turn up when they say they will, fix the problem or complete the service or installation required, and leave the work with an excellent finish with no mess.

All over San Diego

As a local service provider, we cover the whole of San Diego and the surrounding area. New builds, historic houses, commercial units – if it’s around San Diego then we’re there.


Find a Reliable Plumber in
San Diego, CA

Our San Diego plumbing services are available all up and down the coast. Each of the teams are fully licensed and has the right certifications and training to service, maintain, and repair any piping or appliance you have. From the ocean to the mountains, and the valleys in between, we’ll send the best plumber we’ve got.

More Locations in
San Diego CA

Carlsbad and Oceanside

Tourist central, Oceanside is where the surfers seek the breaks and Carlsbad has the restaurants and coffee shops to keep the cool folk happy. We’ll be on the way to LA when you call us out here for your residential or commercial plumbing.

Chula Vista and National City

These affluent towns are home to sportspeople and nature lovers, with a Mile of Cars down the main drag of National City. Butting up against the Mexican border, we’ll face the traffic heading down to Tijuana to do your plumbing repairs.


This historic part of the San Diego area rolls with hills and valleys, with some period buildings and houses built in the booming 1970s. Head through to Poway, where the young families and retirees have found their homes. Our great pricing works for any plumbing repairs budget.

More Cities in the United States

Orlando, FL

Much more than the attractions and amusement parks this part of Central Florida is famed for, the lake areas, great shopping, and spacious homes make Orlando very liveable.

San Mateo

The central hub of Silicon Valley, San Mateo and the surrounding areas have high education levels and eye-wateringly high house prices. Across the bay from San Francisco proper, San Mateo is compact and tech-focused.

St Louis, MO

Not quite a typical Midwestern town, St Louis is home to big corporations with vineyards just around the bend in the Mississippi River. Populated by families and young professionals, the city is peppered with great shopping and dining.

Los Angeles, CA

Just a little up the highway from San Diego, LA is the biggest city on the west coast. Known internationally for its entertainment industry, the nightlife booms and the local industries keep on growing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can you help me remodel our home?

Along with the full range of plumbing services on offer, we can also work with HVAC units. This means our plumbers can do a full repiping, move fittings like kitchen sinks or toilets, and reinstall your air conditioning to get your remodel plans completed.

Q4. How many years of experience do your plumbers have?

Our plumbers right across San Diego county have amassed years of experience in the industry. They’re all skilled and qualified to complete the work you need. With such a large team, we can’t put a number on their experience, but you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Q2. What's the best water heater to install?

Lots of different factors determine which water heater system will be best for you. You need to consider the size of your home or business, how much hot water you’ll be using, and if you have spikes in demand. We’ll help you choose between the power source options and whether to do a tankless water heater installation or stick with a tank.

Q5. Do you offer commercial plumbing services?

Yes, we work with home and business owners, both. Your systems may be larger and more robust, and you definitely want disruption to your business to be kept to a minimum. We understand the plumbing needs of business owners and will get it right the first time for you.

Q3. How often should my drains be cleaned?

You can use your own drain cleaning products in your kitchen and bathroom, with monthly or quarterly cleaning usually sufficient. We recommend having a professional drain cleaning done every couple of years, especially for your outdoor drains or if you have an old property like the ones in Scripps Ranch or Escondido.

Q6. Is a water filtration system needed in the San Diego area?

Although you can drink water from faucets in San Diego and the surrounding areas, the water is hard meaning there is a lot of limestone dissolved in it. You can choose a filtration or reverse osmosis system for your home or business and we have professional plumbers available to advise on which one will work for you and get it fitted.