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in London, UK

London is one the most famous, and most expensive, cities in the world. A centre of finance, commerce, history, and the arts, every aspect of the cosmopolitan region melts together to make a truly unique place. No matter how fast-paced and busy London is, you still need your hot water and central heating system to function well, and for that, you need a plumber. 

Our London plumbers are based at all points across the city. Whichever borough you’re in, we’ve got local plumbers on hand.


How Does Finding an Adelaide Plumber Works?

Finding a plumber in London is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Look through our locations at the top of the page to find your area

Step 2

Complete the “Contact Us” form including brief details of your plumbing problems 

Step 3

We’ll get back in touch and confirm the plumbing service you need and book an appointment for a no obligation quote 

Step 4

As soon as the next day, a local plumbing company will be with you to start work


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

No plumbing jobs are too small, no leak or blockage too daunting to put off our local plumbers. Let them deal with your plumbing needs quickly and safely. 

Central heating servicing

Before winter bites, get your central heating system and radiators serviced by one of our Gas Safe engineers.  

Boiler installation

Time for a new boiler? When your last hot water and central heating system has packed up it’s time to choose a new, high-quality, efficient boiler.

Blocked drains

 Blockages cause bad smells and are unhygienic in commercial settings. We’ll send someone to deal with your blocked drains swiftly.  

Burst pipes

Whether it’s the cold of winter or a blockage that got out of hand; when a pipe bursts you need an emergency plumber there right away so give us a call.  

Broken toilets

A cracked cistern, faulty ball cock, or a leak before the U bend all need seeing too quickly to stop bigger, more expensive problems.  

Stove connection

Gas safety is paramount and when you get a new gas oven or stove, you need one of our Gas Safe engineers to have it connected correctly. 


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

There are myriad plumbing systems in use across London, with homes hundreds of years old down the road from some of the most advanced apartment blocks in the country. We have a plumber, whatever your need.

Emergency plumber

For an emergency call out anytime, day or night, call us on the number at the top of the page. 

Domestic plumbing

We have engineers who can work with your heating services and carry out boiler repairs, fix up your burst pipes, and unblock your blocked drains.  

Commercial plumbing

Your East London warehouse or North London restaurant needs commercial plumbing services – tradespeople who know their way around a business and the importance of limiting your downtime.  

Gas Safe engineers

Heating engineers in the UK need to be Gas Safe registered and trained in gas safety. When you need boiler services we send the right plumber for the job.  


Hand in hand with plumbing comes electrical issues – consider your power shower, for example. When you need an electrician instead of, or as well as a plumber we’ll get one over to you.  

London plumbers

Using local plumbers means you get a tradesperson who knows your area, doesn’t have to travel too far, and will complete the work to a very high standard. 


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

Using local plumbers means you’ll always get the right price for the services you need – there are no long travel times and they know where to go to get supplies at the right price. 

Quality workmanship

Each job our team of plumbers completes will be high quality work completed to a high standard of finish, including cleaning up after themselves. 

Free call out

When it’s a plumbing emergency, you don’t want to be paying hundreds of pounds just for someone to arrive. No plumbing company we work with charges a call out fee, only for the work completed. 

Work under warranty

We’re confident in the high standard of workmanship you’ll receive. However, to give you peace of mind, be assured that all work is covered under warranty. 


Certified Plumbers You Can Rely On

It’d take far too long to total the years of experience our plumbers and gas fitters have collected. Rest assured, they’re experienced and skilled at what they do.  

Gas Safe registered

Whenever a gas pipe is being worked on, bring in one of our Gas Safe engineers who’ll do the work and complete all necessary safety checks.

Next day appointments

It may not be an emergency when your drain is blocked, but getting it fixed is certainly urgent. We endeavour to get you a next day appointment when requested. 

Skilled tradespeople

Each of our plumbers is highly skilled and qualified to carry out the work they come to do, and it’s covered under warranty if there’s a problem. 


Find a Reliable Plumber in

Anywhere within the bounds of the M25, we can get a plumber to you. If you’ve got a plumbing emergency or just need your plumbing systems servicing in any of the boroughs of London, you’re in the right place. From high-rise blocks to 30s semis, Hounslow to Dartford, and Enfield to Croydon, your London plumber will be with you ASAP.

More Locations in

West London

Where the affluent Londoners live, with greenery and well-tended homes in winding suburban streets. When your property is worth this much, you want to keep it well maintained – book a central heating system service with our plumbers.  

South London

South of the River Thames is where the real Londoners live, or so those who live there would have you believe. The rows of terraces and low rise ex-council homes are being gentrified and installing new plumbing systems is a priority we can help you tackle.  

East London

When you think of the cool and trendy image of London, you’re thinking of the east in places like Bethnal Green and Whitechapel. When there’s so much buzz around town, you don’t want to be waiting in for your plumber so book a next day appointment with our reliable local plumbers.  

Mount Barker

Art, music, and culture live in the southeast corner of London. Greenwich, Lewisham, and Lambeth are the places to go for those too trendy to live on the other side of the river and prefer the SE postcode. Our plumbing services reach this far out, and go all the way to the M25.  

More Cities in the United Kingdom


A northern city and proud, Manchester was once the heart of the cotton trade and is now a centre of culture and famed across the country for its nightlife, theatre, and musicians.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the hourly rate for a plumber in London?

London is a diverse city with different costs and expenses depending on where you are. To check the prices for plumbing services in your area, get in touch and we’ll book a no obligation quote for the work you need. 

Q4. How long does boiler installation take?

Having a new combi boiler fitted in your home should take around 4-6 hours. We’d recommend that you plan for it to take a full day, especially if you have an older property, because there could be unexpected hurdles to jump over to get it fitted. 

Q2. Can you help me bleed my radiators?

Yes. As part of the general maintenance of your central heating system, you should bleed your radiators once a year to release any air built up inside them. When you book for your annual boiler service, you can get your radiators bled at the same time so that the whole plumbing system is working efficiently. 

Q5. How do I find a reliable plumber in the UK?

All of the plumbers we work with at Plumber Coop have had their credentials checked and verified, including their Gas Safe qualifications. You can be assured that all of the plumbers we send to you will be reliable and all of the work carried out is under warranty. 

Q3. How much does an emergency plumber cost in the UK?

Prices for an emergency plumber will vary across the country. This is due to the different costs in different areas such as training and spare parts. We can arrange for your local plumbing company to give you a free quote for the work you need completing. 

Q6. Which is better, Checkatrade or TrustATrader?

Both sites serve a similar purpose – to let you see reviews and make contact with tradespeople in your area. The main differences are that Checkatrader has a bigger reach and advertises often, but they don’t limit the number of traders in any area which can overwhelm you with responses. 

In contrast, TrustATrader doesn’t have as big a marketing reach, but they do restrict the number of people within a certain trade who can be members. The aim is to make sure only high quality traders work on the site.