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It might have been consumed into Adelaide’s outer suburbs, but Gawler has retained a unique character. A village on the edge of the city, Gawler is a community all of its own, centred on the triangle at the middle and surrounded by the Barossa Valley and wine country. Rather than call for a plumber from Adelaide, a local plumber from Gawler will be with you faster and have the right knowledge to help your situation.

We know the history of Gawler and appreciate the heritage homes as well as the new builds bringing folk into the area. Upgrading your hot water system or doing an annual servicing on your brand new heat pump – we will meet your plumbing needs.


How Does Finding a Gawler Plumber Works?

Finding a plumber in Gawler is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Check out our list of the best local plumbers in Gawler

Step 2

Click to “Contact Us” and tell us your plumbing problem so we can find the right professional for you

Step 3

Pick up the call from one of our plumbers or gas fitters to get a free quote and arrange an appointment

Step 4

Be delighted by our high quality service, all covered by a full warranty.


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

Our expert plumbers can do servicing on your commercial unit in Willaston or answer an emergency plumbing call out to your rural property down in Angle Vale. We cover Gawler and its surrounding areas with our range of plumbing services, ready to fix up your gas fittings and waterworks.

Blocked drains

Waiting forever for your sink to empty and dealing with the smell of last night’s dinner isn’t pleasant. We’ll send a plumber to unclog your drains as fast as possible.

Leaking taps

The constant drip of a leaky tap can drive you round the bend. Let the professionals take care of it and call in a local plumber.

Septic tanks

Like some parts of South Australia, Gawler has areas not connected to main sewers. We’ll help you navigate the permissions to install your septic tank and get it plumbed in.

Drain cleaning

Keep your outdoor drains clean and clear of leaves and debris to prevent a backlog of stormwater making your lawn sodden or making your outdoor furniture damp.

Hot water unit servicing

Keep your hot water system in tip-top condition with a regular service of the whole system.

Gas fitting

Switching up your gas heating system can save you money in the long run. We’ll help you choose the right solution and get it fitted, no hassle.


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

No plumbing problem is too small, no water system too complicated for our skilled local plumbers. The plumbers on our books can work with your other contractors on a kitchen renovation at home or fit around your business needs to get you running at full steam again. We have the plumber you need in Gawler and the surrounding suburbs.

Emergency plumbers

We know what it’s like to have water flowing everywhere; damaging your flooring and causing all kinds of problems. We’ll carry out pipe repairs, fix a leaking cistern, or fix up blocked drains quick sharp.

Commercial plumbers

Our expert plumbers will get your factory or shop ready to open up again, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Local plumbers

Choosing a plumber from your local area will keep your costs down and your quality high – we know where the local suppliers are and how to deal with local issues.

Renovation plumbers

Doing up your bathroom or kitchen takes some dedication, having the right tradies on-site to fit a gas appliance or hot water unit will make sure you get the high-quality finish you’re after.

Gas fitters

It’s not all about water – having a certified and qualified gas fitter is a must for your gas-powered stove, hot water, or heating systems.

Friendly plumbers

Our team isn’t just here to sort out your general plumbing needs – we work with everyone from pensioners to business owners and will leave you very happy with the work completed.


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

Along with our transparent pricing, you’ll benefit from our plumbers’ quality workmanship and years of experience in the plumbing trade. The professional service you’re looking for is covered by our warranty, ensuring you get the best plumbing work possible.

Free quote

Before you make a commitment to our plumbing solutions, you’ll get a full assessment of the work you need and give you a quote. The choice is yours to go ahead with the work.

Full range of plumbing services

Be assured that when you contact us, we’ll have a plumber on hand who can get the job done.

Professional service

You won’t be left with a mess or a business closed for too long. Our plumbers know your expectations and will leave you very happy indeed with their work.


Licensed Plumbers You Can Rely On

Everyone we work with is fully licensed and registered to work in South Australia. We have plumbers qualified to work on plumbing, gas fitting, and electrics such as heat pumps and electric hot water systems.


Everyone we work with has the correct and up-to-date registration as a contractor or subcontractor under SA rules.


Hunting for gas leaks, fixing blocked drains, installing a new hot water system for your business – each plumber on the books is highly skilled and experienced with years of experience

Quality workmanship

No corners are cut, nothing is left to chance – our plumbers leave your home or premises in pristine condition, with a full warranty on the work carried out.


Find a Reliable Plumber in
Gawler, SA

We only make promises we can keep. Using your local plumber means you know where to find them and can trust they’ll give you the servicing you expect. Wherever you are in Gawler or northern Adelaide areas, call us to get the best service.

More Locations in
Gawler, SA

The Barossa Valley

Home to some of the best new world wines you can get, the Barossa Valley has a stunning backdrop of vineyards and wineries across the hills and valleys. Our plumbers will still be on hand in these gorgeous rural areas.

Willaston and northern suburbs of Gawler

Willaston, Hewett, and out into the countryside of the north of the town are fast developing with commercial and residential projects. Locating in this up-and-coming area still gives you access to vital plumbing services.

Evanston and Angle Vale

For a day at the races or some essential shopping, you can’t go wrong with Evanston. Out here between the edges of Adelaide and Gawler, not every property gets mains sewerage, so get your septic tank fitted, pumped, or replaced with our services.


The start of the wine valley proper, Lyndoch was one of the first areas to be settled in Australia. Steeped in history and packed with charm, you can rely on our plumbing services out here, too.

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The local city to Gawler, it has a faster pace with new housing and a thriving cultural community. Liveable suburbs butt up against the ocean, split by pristine beaches just a tram ride away.


Australia’s capital is growing fast, with suburbs surrounded by hills and a city centre dominated by the business of government. Hi-tech jobs are attracted by well-educated people from world-leading universities.


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Out on the Ballerine Peninsula, Geelong has a history of gold mining and wool production that put it on the map early on in Aussie history. Now, it’s a trendy city with waterfront high rises much less bustle than its big sister up the coast.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I prevent burst pipes?

A burst pipe is a pain to deal with. Getting your waterworks a regular servicing can help spot issues before they get worse. Inside your house, get pipes insulated from freezing temperatures, and outdoors ensure you get regular drain cleaning to prevent blockages underground.

Q4. How quick can your emergency plumbing service be with me?

We can’t put a time on it, since every case is different. We will get the right expert plumber out to you as soon as we can, but a burst pipe on a Tuesday afternoon will be quicker to get fixed than a blocked drain at Saturday 3am!

Q2. I have blocked toilets in my restaurant, how soon can you come?

For urgent and emergency plumbing needs like leaking cistern and pipe blockages, get in touch with us by phone – the number’s at the top of the page – and we’ll get a call out to you ASAP.

Q5. Do your plumbers come out from Adelaide?

Our team is based in and around Gawler, SA, giving you the best local service possible.

My pensioner mother needs a plumber, how do I know your tradies are safe?

Each plumber we work with is registered and licensed, when needed, through the South Australia government. Part of these checks includes a criminal records check – she won’t be letting anyone dangerous into her home.

Q6. I have electric hot water rather than gas, can you fix my system?

We know all about the different hot water systems common to South Australia. Our plumbers can work with gas, heat pump, and electric hot water systems with equal skill and ability.