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in Sydney, NSW

The world knows Sydney for its iconic skyline behind Darling Harbour. As a Sydneysider, you know there’s much more to the city, with trendy Surry Hills, beach-chic Manly, and the towns out to the Blue Mountains giving the Sydney area a unique character. Sydney is still expanding whilst keeping the old centre beating, providing plumbing issues galore for our local plumbers to deal with.

Emergency plumbing services, servicing hot water heaters, commercial plumbing work – all are part of what we offer to our Sydney customers with $0 call out fee to boot. We’ll send you professional plumbers to carry out your work every time, no muss, no fuss.


How Does Finding a Sydney Plumber Work?

Finding a plumber in Sydney is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Check out our list of locations and find the area you need

Step 2

Click on your area, click “Contact Us”, and tell us where and why you need us

Step 3

We’ll give you a buzz and talk you through your free, no obligation quote and let you pick a call out time

Step 4

Bang on time, our reliable plumbers will be at your door and ready to fix your issues


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

Are you in the apartments and split units of the Inner West? Living in a beach bungalow on the North Shore? Running a commercial unit in Bankstown? The services you need will always be similar, with hot water systems playing up, burst pipes causing havoc, or a blocked toilet keeping you cross-legged.

Burst pipes

When water is flooding your unit or your suburban garden is full of wastewater, you need emergency plumbing services at your door.  

Hot water heaters

Sydney might not exactly get cold, but those chillier mornings still require a steaming hot shower. When your hot water is on the blink, we have someone come and get it sorted.  

Fast call out

Some plumbing repairs can’t wait. No matter your area of Sydney, we’ve got someone nearby who will be there quickly to fix your home or premises up.  

Unblock your water pipes

Who knows what’s got your yard drains all backed up? Whatever is down there, we’ve got plumbers and drainers who’ll get to the bottom of the issue.

Restore water pressure

There are myriad reasons your water pressure can drop and our professional plumbers know them all, and most importantly the solutions to offer to you.  

Gas appliance servicing

Avoid disasters and get your gas and water systems a regular servicing. 


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

Not all plumbing problems are a quick fix. Our team is licensed and registered with years of experience in domestic and commercial plumbing; they’ve got the skills to give you high-quality and reliable results.

Emergency plumber

Need to get your business back on track, ASAP? Call our emergency plumbing services to patch the problem and recommend a long-term solution, too.  

Commercial plumber

Cafes in The Rocks or units down on Queen Street; you don’t want plumbing problems getting in the way of business. We offer regular servicing as well as emergency call outs.  

Gas fitters

Underfloor hydronic heating or traditional ducted gas systems all need a registered tradie to do the gas fittings. Our team has tradies with the certifications and registrations you need.

Local plumber

You don’t want your plumber to be crossing the city from Hawksberry to Macarthur just to come fix your leaking taps. Our teams are all over Sydney so will be with you fast and full of local knowledge.  

Renovations plumber

Time to redo the waterworks in your Federation home? Kitchen and bathroom renovations will need new fittings and pipework, we’ll work with your main contractor to get your home back in shape. 

Accredited backflow plumber

Every property needs to have the correct backflow valve fitted – we’ve got plenty of plumbers on the list of accredited Australian plumbers to get this done for you.  


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

You want a reliable service coupled with high quality work. The first time you meet our experienced plumbers, they’ll assess your needs and make sure you’re happy with the free quote given before we go ahead. The plumbing job will be done to the standards you expect.


We won’t leave you waiting – our plumbers will arrive when they say and be ready to get the job done.


For your period property or manufacturing plant, you need specialist plumbers with good pricing – we’ve got what you need. 

Good value

Sydney might be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but you can still expect affordable plumbing with us.


Licensed Plumbers You Can Rely On

Our trade is regulated by Fair Trading NSW and everyone we work with has got all the appropriate paperwork to complete your job. As a plumbing company based in Sydney, we know exactly what’s required from us and those we work with and will ensure you get the customer satisfaction you deserve. 

Latest technology

Get the most energy-efficient and cost-effective hot water systems, gas appliances, and other water systems installed when you build or renovate your property with our support and advice.

Plumbing solutions

You may not know what plumbing services you need – leave that up to us. Tell us what your problem is and our plumbing specialists will have the right kit to complete your job. 

Upfront and honest

Even if we weren’t regulated, we’d give you an honest and reliable service for your plumbing systems. 


Find a Reliable Plumber in
Sydney, NSW

Business and homeowners each have their own needs but everyone agrees they want reliable plumbers services all across the city. Quality workmanship, completed on time, first time, and on budget are all in a day’s work for us. We have the best plumber for your needs whatever your city or shire.  

More Locations in
Sydney, NSW

Northern Shore and Beaches

Posh pads line the coast with a morning surf and an evening at a restaurant almost mandatory. The new homes and glass-clad units around Manly and Freshwater need to keep up their regular plumber services to keep everything up to scratch.  

Inner West suburbs

Areas like Canada Bay, Strathfield, and Burwood have seen apartment blocks spring up over the last couple of decades and with it, some great cafes and nightlife. Homeowners and landlords need to keep on top of renter issues like water leaks.  

Eastern suburbs

Home to the iconic Bondi Beach as well as middle class and beach-loving Sydneysiders, places like Woolhara, Waverley, and Randwick have modern houses and a suburban chic feel. Modernising and renovating older houses out here needs specialist plumbers on hand.  

Sydney CBD

Centred around Hyde Park and Darling Harbour, local Sydney folk come here to get some of the city glamour. Just out the centre, the hip and trendy suburb of Surry Hills is spiked with cafes and cool people whilst Darlinghurst is period properties for sky-high prices. Commercial units need to keep business flowing, not worry about a water blockage.  

More Cities in Australia


In the ACT and landlocked by NSW, Canberra is a unique city full of innovation in the structured and planned city. Man-made lakes and concentric rings of roads in the CBD keep order in the seat of government. 


The eternal rival of Sydney, Melbourne has less of the glistening buildings and more of the depth and creativity of Australian culture.  


 On a decidedly smaller scale to Sydney, Adelaide takes life at a slower pace. The seaside is never far away but is best avoided in the decidedly chilly winter months, when it’s time to stay warm at home for a little while.  


 Year-round sunshine does something to Queenslanders – the world is always a bright place. Drinks on roof terraces, a weekend at the horse racing, or a surf trip to the aptly named Surfers Paradise are the way Brissie life rolls. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can you find a cheap plumber in Sydney?

General plumbing, specialists, and emergency plumbers are all available with us. You can contact us online and fill out our form or pick up the phone if you’ve got an emergency. Before we find you a plumber to undertake any work, you’ll be given a no obligation quote so you know you’re getting good value. 

Q4. Where can I find a local plumber in Sydney?

Right here at Plumbing Coop. We have plumbers based Sydney-wide so you don’t have to wait for anyone to drive across the city or hunt down a Bunnings in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Contact us to get a local plumber or gas fitter booked. 

Q2. What’s the difference between residential and commercial plumbing?

Commercial plumbing can get more complicated than in a house. Gas appliances need careful fitting and regular servicing and can be much less frequently encountered. The working environment in a commercial building can have more hazards that require special training to work around. Domestic plumbing is leaking taps and unblocking the kitchen sink more often than not!

Q5. Is plumbing in Sydney more expensive than in other cities?

Sydney plumbing costs are higher than the rest of Australia. There are higher costs involved in being in business in Sydney, but we assure you our teams keep costs low whilst having the best Sydney plumbers on the books. 

Q3. Are emergency plumbers more expensive than regular ones?

In Sydney, emergency plumbing services can be more expensive than a booked work schedule. This is because your emergency plumber might have to cancel a booking or interrupt their downtime to come out to you. We’ll still give you fair pricing and an upfront quote before starting work. 

Q6. What areas near Sydney does Plumber Coop cover?

We have plumbers all up the central coast of Sydney and up to Newcastle, as well as towards the Outer Western suburbs of Liverpool and the Blue Mountain towns like Penrith.